About Us

Chrom World

Established in 2010, Chrom World took its roots in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is since then actively involved in the marketing and sales of analytical and sample preparation instruments, as well as online monitoring and processing tools, in the capacity of the exclusive representative of world-renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers Agilent Technologies (USA) and Gerstel (Germany)  in the Bangladesh region.

Nationwide catering to both private and government sectors. Chrom World delivers total solutions, Innovative technologies and services to a wide range of customers in the Chemical Analysis. Chrom World Bangladesh Limited has been helping customers need and meets the exceptional challenges of this demanding industry.

Chrom World Bangladesh Limited, is a subsidiary of Chrom World, Middle East actively involved in the marketing of analytical, online monitoring and processing, sample preparation instruments of the highest repute. Chrom World is among the leading organizations in this field with their highly qualified staff, which is fully capable of marketing, installation, and product support and guaranteed services of the equipment.

Chrom World represents in Bangladesh the best of the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of the analytical instruments, with over 300 major installations in Bangladesh. We have a very large customer base among public and private sectors in Bangladesh. By far we are the largest company in our field operating all over the country. Our customers include pharmaceutical, petroleum, mining, environment, tanneries, armed forces, research organizations, scientists, hospitals, universities and projects which are funded and procured from outside the country under stiff international competition. All this is, of course, possible through a team of very active and unbeatable sales and services group at Chrom World.

Our Mission

Our organization is driven towards a single goal: customer satisfaction. We at Chrom World aim to ensure that our market leadership extends far beyond hardware, into turfs like customer loyalty, product diversity, and the establishment of mutual trust between our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our mission is not the quantitative growth of the company but to ensure that through our diversity, speed and quality we are able to bring about an improvement in the quality of life of society at large, by partnering with our customers to create economic opportunities.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a leading global and national enterprise in the chemical analysis industry and the partner of choice for laboratory devices and solutions.

Our Corporate Values

We perform with integrity at all levels and continue to ensure corporate excellence through innovation and focused quality conscious efforts in all our ventures. We strive to play our role as a good corporate citizen, by serving the people and society, for a better tomorrow.